mG wine bar

In the wine bar, located in a centenary space of the mas, everything is designed to experience taste harmonies on the palate, thanks to the rigorous selection of wines from our wine cellar, from the best D.O to cava and liquors. To keep all the wines in a perfect state of conservation, we have enabled an air-conditioned space. The personalized attention makes the wine bar an ideal place for anyone who wants to feel and share new sensations.

In addition, you can sample wines using the self-service wine dispenser, at the right temperature.

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Mas Gusó wines

The wine tradition is passed down from generation to generation and only lasts over time if it is inspired by the values of continuity, care, and passion.

The wine cellar

In our cellar, located in the Terra Alta, we make authentic wines with grapes of native varieties, seeking the maximum expression of our grounds, recovering the value of the old vineyards, and working ecologically.

Mas Gusó The wine cellarMas Gusó The wine cellarMas Gusó The wine cellar

Our style

Our wines reflect those who think, design, and produce them: under the direction of renowned winemaker Juan Ángel Lliberia, we make wines with proper character, obtaining the international recognition of our Garnachas

Mas Gusó Our styleMas Gusó Our styleMas Gusó Our style

The soil

Wine is linked to land and has to show its maximum expression in a broad sense: soils, climate, and way of making it. Therefore, we are absolutely environmentally friendly, we work sustainably and we seek the maximum expression and authenticity of our land.

Mas Gusó The soilMas Gusó The soilMas Gusó The soil

Elaboration and Aging

The winemaking tanks are small and are designed and equipped to process the different plots separately. Aging is carried out in 300 and 500-liter barrels of French oak. During the aging process, we seek to preserve and enhance the character and nuances contributed by the different vineyards and land.

Mas Gusó Elaboration and AgingMas Gusó Elaboration and AgingMas Gusó Elaboration and Aging