The History of Mas Gusó

Origin of the farmhouse

The Mas Gusó farmhouse was built in 1564, known then as Mas Perandreu. At the end of the 17th century, Antigua Perandreu - a descendant of the family - married the Girona merchant Miquel Massana. In the first half of the 18th century, this family became related to the Fages de Climent de Figueres family, to which the well-known writer from Empodrà belonged. From that point on, the farmhouse was called Can Fages. Throughout the 19th century, it was part of the estate of the Figueres family, until it was purchased by Rossend Janer, the uncle of Rosendo Gusó.

Agricultural tradition

The Gusó family was devoted themselves exclusively to agriculture, using the land around the estate to grow fruit trees. The Gusó family's farming tradition underwent was transformed when, in the early 1980s, Rossendo Gusó began selling fruit on a retail basis, directly from the field to the consumer.

New projects

In the early 90s, thanks to growing demand from visitors spending the summer season at Sant Pere Pescador, and given its exclusive and privileged location, Mas Gusó again began a new chapter: it opened a simple Terrace-Bar, led by the family's children, Joan and Miryam Gusó.


The main attraction of the farmhouse became the cuisine on offer, until 2000, when the family opened a restaurant, then called "Las buganvillas".

Since then, year after year, Mas Gusó has been extended, refurbished and adapted to ensure the various spaces meet the needs of its visitors.

Mas Gusó today

Today, Mas Gusó offers a unique experience, thanks to the setting in which it is located and the variety of options on offer: a modern Restaurant, with warm and friendly service; a space dedicated to the extensive and specialist Wine Cellar. The Market, where you can buy products local to the region. And the gardens and fruit trees surrounding us, which remind us of where we come from and keep us rooted in our origins.